Homecoming at Franklin


Homecoming is a tradition that involves the welcoming back of students. Usually taking place in the first quarter, schools celebrate homecoming with a football game and a dance to follow. At Franklin High School things are done differently. Franklin and Waverly celebrate homecoming during the basketball season instead of football because of the sports co-op situation. The dance and activities are held at either Franklin or Waverly depending on the year, with each school being the host every other year.

The week prior to the event, the student council schedules spirit days for all high school students and staff to participate in according to the theme they decided on for the dance. This year the students wanted homecoming to be a circus theme. This is the third year Mrs. Lancaster has been a part of the student council, helping students come up with ideas to make the dance as fun as possible. “A month prior to the event we get started on getting decorations together and things for the event, ” Mrs. Lancaster said.

Even though homecoming is celebrated later than usual at Franklin, the students still get excited for the experience. “Hanging with friends while enjoying music,” is what Jalynn Goodman says she likes the most. Enjoying time together seems to bring everyone closer, even if only for a little while.