Germs without an excuse

Isabella Reyes, Staff Writer

At Franklin, the amount of school a student misses is part of what determines the level they are on for Flashes Pride. There are four different levels: vipers, orange, black, and white. To be on vipers, which is the highest level, the requirements include a 3.75 GPA, no tardies or detentions, and only two excused absences. The lowest level is white, and the requirements are a little less complex. On the white level students have to have a 2.5 GPA, no  more than three tardies or detentions, and five excused absences. When missing school, students are usually required to have a doctor’s note in order to remain on a level. The amount of tardies students are able to have at Franklin is five to seven before receiving a consequence.

This year, Ms. Reed took over the responsibilities of Flashes Pride. In an interview with Ms. Reed, I asked her what she thought about the illnesses affecting school attendance in our area. “Besides Waverly, another school in Springfield closed down also due to kids being sick,” says Ms. Reed. She also proceeded to say that the Springfield school was closed for two days due to the flu being spread through their student body. Unfortunately, many students may come to school sick because they don’t want an unexcused absence. Attending school is important but knowing when to stay home can be just as important. When kids feel the need to come to school sick, they may be unintentionally infecting their classmates.

While interviewing Mr. Waggener, he noted, “When sickness like what’s going on now causing schools to close, students should stay home if they are feeling sick.” Mr. Waggener also added, “Even when a student calls in sick, they should go to the doctor just to find out what type of sickness they have and also so they have a doctor’s note anyway.” Mr. Waggener continued that students are allowed two parent notes per quarter and on the third one they get a detention.