Colwell takes charge


Kyle Jennings , writer

 If there is an agriculture class offered at FHS, Kyle Colwell has either taken it or plans to take it. Although this is his last year at Franklin, he looks forward to expanding his knowledge of agriculture and business in college. Agriculture has been a big part of Colwell’s life ever since he was young.  While in his junior year, Kyle decided that business ag was what he wanted to pursue after high school because of his unique skills as a salesman.

Colwell used his knowledge of agriculture to help him with his senior project about precision agriculture, a topic he cares about because he knows the importance of agriculture in the future. Kyle plans on going to Lakeland Community College after high school. He wants to transfer after a couple of years to another college, hopefully the University of Tennessee. His love of agriculture made him want to join Franklin’s FFA chapter. 

Kyle has been highly involved in student government. He is the treasurer in student council and the sentinel in FFA. Being treasurer of the student council, he deals with all money made from the candy store and fundraising events. He takes pride in being the sentinel for the Franklin FFA chapter. As sentinel, he greets people at the doors and welcomes them to the FFA event.  He likes being part of the government because it teaches him leadership skills and how to work with others to accomplish a goal. He plans to use these skills to help in college and the career he will choose afterward. He is also involved with Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) to help raise money for the after prom. He tries to be a part of everything he can to try to make Franklin as good as it can be and improve the town, school, and community he loves.