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The Best Shows to Binge in Quarantine

Thaddeus Bergschneider, Staff Writer

The United States’ nationwide social distancing policy has been in place for three weeks now. With no sports, school, or activities that get you out of your house, home doesn’t seem as sweet. So turn on your television everyone–you’ll be there for at least another month! 

With most people at home, popular services have been seeing a large increase in time spent streaming. What better to do at home than binge a good show? Grab a blanket, find your favorite snack (the gyms are closed anyway), relax in your favorite chair, and binge one of the best shows streaming services have to offer! 


Tiger King: The most popular show on Netflix right now follows the eccentric, wild, big-cat loving zookeeper Joe Exotic and the claims that he hired someone to murder his rival, Carole Baskins. 

The All American: Follow football star Spencer James as he leaves his poor, gang-filled community in South Crenshaw to chase his sports dreams in Beverly Hills. 

Ozark: The second-most popular show on Netflix, behind Tiger King, watch a married couple try to launder money in the Ozarks to appease a drug cartel. 


Seinfield: Coined as “the show about nothing,” Seinfield has captivated generations of entertainment seekers. Starring Jerry Seinfield and his three friends it’s about…well, nothing. Perfect for days in quarantine! 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Jack Peralta is an incredibly talented detective but doesn’t seem to have taken anything seriously in his life. With a new commanding officer, that might be due to change. 

Killing Eve: An M15 spy, bored with her job, finally gets to track an assassin, which turns in to an interesting relationship of cat and mouse. 

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Parks and Recreation: Laugh the days away by following the town of Pawnee’s Parks and Recreation department, led by characters Lesley Knope, who only got the job because of her mom, and Ron Swanson, who doesn’t believe in government. 

Downtown Abbey: Instead of being depressed over being stuck in quarantine, watch a British family of aristocrats deal with their own tragedies, including the sinking of the Titanic and World War I. 

Psych: Corny? Possibly. A murder in almost every episode? Yes. But you’re guaranteed to love and laugh at Sean Spencer, and his partner Burton Guster, as they solve crimes while keeping up a psychic act.