FHS update: E-learning, final exams, and more

Bethany Bergschneider, Editor

Life is vastly different right now, but education is continuing–albeit in some unconventional ways. Schools across the country are implementing remote learning programs so students can work at home, whether that is through written packets or by using online resources.

Mr. Waggener says that e-learning seems to be going pretty well. “I think teachers are doing a great job. It’s been a challenge to get all of their lesson plans transferred over to online learning, but they’ve done a great job and are taking care of our kids that don’t have internet by sending out packets. We’ve been getting good feedback from the parents.”

Students say that e-learning comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. “It was a challenge to get used to e-learning at first, but I enjoy working at my own pace to complete assignments,” says junior Madden Delaney. Kyle Jennings had a similar opinion. “While e-learning lacks teachers that you can get help from face to face, it allows you to do the work on your own time and for me, that’s a lot more helpful than a conventional school.”

Given the current situation, Mr. Waggener does not expect that we will have traditional final exams due to challenging logistics. “Third quarter was the last formal instruction we had, so I think it would be hard for us to do finals unless we were instructed by the state to do so. If we’re still out, we might have some kind of remote learning quiz.” However, this situation is changing so quickly that there is always the possibility of a new state mandate or different decision.

The situation is similar for events like prom and graduation. As of right now, neither of those events has been fully canceled. “We’re going to do our best to get all of those milestones in, but we’re at the mercy of the governor’s decisions,” Mr. Waggener explained.