Dolittle doesn’t do little

Megan Wilson, Staff Writer

The first ever Dolittle movie was made in 1967 by Richard Fleischer. Dr. John Dolittle was played by Rex Harrison. Other actors included Samantha Eggar, Anthony Newley, and Richard Attenborough. The original version had lots of romance, singing, and talking to animals. It has 14 songs viewers can sing along to while they watch the movie.

The remake was released in 1998 by Larry Levin and Nat Mauldin. This movie was so favored by fans that they made four sequels. Eddie Murphy, who played Dr. Dolittle, took many fans by surprise with his comedic genius. In this movie, Dr. Dolittle discovers that he is able to talk to and understand the animals. When he was young, he discovered his ability to speak to animals, but everyone thought he was crazy. When Dr. Dolittle gets older, he is freaked out when he rediscovers his ability to talk to and understand animals.

The newest release of Dolittle was in January 2020. In the 2020 Dolittle, Dr. John Dolittle is played by former Avengers Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. Each Dolittle movie is different, but especially this one. In this movie, Dolittle has a special bond with many different species of animals. He travels all over the country and helps save not just animal lives but humans.
Even though each movie is very different, they share a commonality. In each movie, the doctor creates a special bond with many different species as he helps the animals.

The 1967 Dolittle had the highest rating out of all the movies with 6.2/10. Next is the 2020 Dolittle with 5.5/10, which is surprising since it just came out in January. Last is even more surprising with the 1998 Dr. Dolittle receiving only a 5.4/10.