Drafting online?

Callie Hughes, Sports Writer

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many professional sports leagues are opting to do drafts virtually. The most recent of these virtual drafts was on April 23 with the NFL carrying the process out from the comfort of their homes. The Cincinnati Bengals selected Joe Burrow with the first overall selection. Not only were the draftees in their homes, but the viewers were as well. Many viewers held watch parties at their homes. Watching and being drafted from home, though, does hold some issues. Joe Burrow tweeted jokingly, “Nobody’s allowed to make fun of me tonight none of the barbershops are open.” 

This was not the only draft to be held virtually as the WNBA also held an online draft of their own. Their draft aired on April 17. This was the second most-viewed draft in the history of the WNBA drafts airing, mainly attributed to the consensus number one overall pick Sabrina Ionescu. 

So what will the future hold for future sports drafts? With the MLB draft lurking, the whole world will be watching to see what the league does.