Animal Invasion

Thaddeus Bergschneider, Staff Writer

With now 235,00 deaths from Covid-19, it can be hard to find positivity. The stock market has plummeted and the unemployment rate is soaring, so good news can’t be found in the economy. Also, there are no social events to help us cope either, as quarantine restrictions are still in place. However, human absence from the world has let wildlife of all kinds to reestablish in places we have driven them out of. 

Another species has taken over Mumbai while humans wait in quarantine: flamingos. The Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) has said that 150,000 flamingos have come to Mumbai, a 25% increase from last year. The mystery doesn’t stop at the number though–apparently the flamingos are staying longer than usual. “According to Rahul Khot, assistant director of BNHS, the flamingos may be sticking around for longer both due to the heavy rains and, oldy enough, an increase in domestic sewage, which made food just a bit more bountiful for the birds.” 

Mexican resorts and hotels are having interesting experiences with wildlife as well. A leatherback sea turtle laid 112 eggs in front of a Cancun hotel. In another hotel in Quintana Roo, tourists were shocked to see a crocodile swim through the canal under their balconies. Maybe most shocking, a jaguar was caught on security tapes, stalking the streets of Cancun at night. 

The animal comebacks aren’t confined to land. Near Metro Vancouver, a pod of orcas was spotted in Indian Arm. Jim Hanson, whose son first saw them, tweeted his discovery. “Apparently the natural world likes the economic slowdown. Saw a pod of four Orca whales in Indian Arm yesterday. First time in my 59 years I have seen whales this far up the arm.” The reason for not coming there before? Usually the sounds from nearby industries would have kept them away. 

Although Covid-19 has caused our world horrible harm, it has brought nature a lot closer to us in these trying times. 



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