Corona Hasn’t Stopped Everyone

Megan Wilson, Staff Writer

Even though the coronavirus has shut down operations all over the world, it hasn’t stopped some people from connecting. Artists like actors, singers, and other celebrities are coming together in new ways during this difficult time. Some artists are even conducting Zoom calls with fans.

Brad Paisley has started his own food pantry in Nashville, Tennessee, for families who can’t afford food. Paisley and his wife, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, give out food to the homeless and seniors who don’t have other food sources. Paisley is being sure to keep his connections with fans during this time through Zoom calls. He asks for their Zoom information and will join them as a surprise to everyone.

Some YouTube influencers, like James Charles, have also been holding Zoom calls with fans as well. The Rundown, hosted by Erin Lim, has been using FaceTime, Zoom, and other online platforms while including actors, singers, and other celebrities on her show to keep it going. She hasn’t let the limitations of the virus stop her in any way. She shows her fans and her viewers that even though we are in a struggle, we can keep pushing through.

Commercials are even being filmed in a new way to inform us about why we should stay home and wear masks. This information isn’t all from the government, though. Some of the information comes from singers, cancer patients, actors, doctors, artists, scientists, and many more. They are trying to make sure everyone is staying safe, staying home, or going out only when needed.