Nights at the Movies, at Home

Cole Delaney, Staff Writer

Over four weeks, from the dates of April 17 through May 8, each Friday Lionsgate Production has been showing free live viewings of their movies. The first movie they showed was 2012’s The Hunger Games on April 17. The second movie shown was 1987’s Dirty Dancing on April 24. The next movie Lionsgate streamed was 2016’s La La Land on May 1. The final film, shown on May 8, was 2014’s John Wick. The reason Lionsgate did this was not only to entertain the millions in quarantine but to provide financial support to the thousands of movie theater workers around the nation through the charity organization known as the Will Rodgers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation. Not only did the general public support the event but many actors, directors, musicians, producers, and other celebrities have shown their support for movie theater workers around the world. Some notable celebrities that have supported this cause were Jamie Lee Curtis, Seth Rogan, Rian Johnson, Margot Robbie, Kumail Nanijani, and Keanu Reaves. Lionsgate raised over $175,000 over the four weeks they streamed their films, though they are still accepting donations.