News and Takeaways

Bethany Bergschneider, Editor

The past six months have been interesting, to say the least. School may look much different this year than anyone could have predicted, but students and teachers are doing their best to take on these challenges with a positive attitude. 

The biggest change this year, by far, is the switch from a block to a traditional schedule with a 1:30 dismissal. Overall, seniors Cale Fairfield, Luke Schumacher, and madden Delane prefer our previous block schedule to our current setup. However, they say there are advantages and disadvantages to both. “Math classes are way better on this schedule, but college classes are worse now,” Cale explained. “It keeps the day moving faster, so that definitely helps,” Luke said. 

Mr. Moses is enjoying the new schedule. He finds the shorter class periods better for teaching math because his students are more focused. 

The schedule can pose challenges for classes like science, where complex labs are difficult to finish in 35 minutes. Student Publications is another class where short periods make it difficult to finish work, according to editor Callie Hughes. “We really don’t have time to get anything done in class that we would like to do,” senior Madden Delaney says.

Students and teachers alike are looking forward to no longer having to wear a mask, and some are hoping for a reversion to the past block schedule. However, they are making the best of the situation as it is. Mrs. Willhite has enjoyed the planning time she gets with the 1:30 dismissals, and Luke and Cale are both using their extra time after school to work. Madden Delaney is also enjoying the early dismissals, saying it gives her more time to work on scholarship applications.

Another (perhaps less controversial) change this year is our fourth-hour snack time. As far as snacks go, Luke and Cale’s favorites have been Goldfish, granola bars, and Rice Krispies treats. Mrs. Willhite doesn’t have a fourth hour class, so she hasn’t sampled the snacks for herself, but she has heard feedback from her students: “People like the Slim Jims, but they do not like the strawberry Chex mix.”

There is always room for change and helpful suggestions. Luke and Cale agree that longer passing periods would improve our current school setup. Mrs. Willhite says she feels the same way, saying that it’s difficult for students to “go to the bathroom and get to class, let alone make it from the third floor to the first floor, in two minutes.” Madden Delaney echoed Mrs. Willhite’s sentiment. 

It’s impossible to say whether any changes will be made or what the rest of this year will look like. However, FHS will continue to take on these changes with flexibility and resilience.