Halloween traditions

Taylor Knifley , Staff Writer

Halloween is slowly approaching. It will be a bit different this year with COVID-19, but families will create new traditions together, even during difficult times.

Mollie Allen, a senior, has some traditions she enjoys year after year. “My favorite holiday is not Halloween but I do enjoy decorating for Halloween, making cookies, and watching movies.” When Halloween approaches, pumpkins, mums, apples, and other fall-related joys begin to appear. Most pumpkin patches offer pumpkins that you can take home to carve or paint, or they have a corn maze, caramel apples, and other family-related activities to do. “I have never been to a pumpkin patch before but my friends and I do go to haunted houses every year,” Mollie shared.

Haunted houses attract a lot of people around Halloween. Megan Wilson, a junior, is another one of the many students who enjoy haunted houses. “When it gets closer to Halloween my friends and I go to haunted houses and haunted hayrides. In the past we have gone to Boo Crew. I am hoping to go to a new one this year.” Carving pumpkins seems to be a popular tradition not just with students but with people of all ages. Kaylee Ford, a junior, has 4 other siblings to share these Halloween traditions with. “Carving pumpkins is an opportunity to make the pumpkin unique as you want,” Ford explained.

For most holiday’s families have traditions on how they celebrate, embrace, and spend these special times. “My family and I always carve our pumpkins and then on Halloween we hand out candy to trick or treaters,” Megan Wilson shared. Trick-or-treating is a big part of Halloween, especially for young kids. In a small town like Franklin, you know pretty much everyone that comes up to your door for candy. “With my family we like to watch Hocus Pocus together. My favorite part we do would have to be decorating outside our house with mums and pumpkins. The mums are so pretty and they really go with the pumpkins,” Mollie Allen stated.

Because of the restrictions in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, some traditions have needed to change. In fact, many are trying to figure out how they can maintain their favorite parts of this holiday in these difficult times. By this time next year who knows the kinds of traditions families will have to add.