Athletes continuing lifelong dreams

Ella Prince, Staff Writer

Imagine receiving an acceptance letter from your dream college to participate in your favorite sport. Your friends and family are beyond proud of you, and you are so excited to have this opportunity. Sports have been a huge part of your life from the day you were born, and being able to continue them after high school is a fulfilling feeling.

The drive and hard work that must be put into sport, especially after high school, is tremendous. Callie Hughes, a senior at FHS, will be continuing her athletic career at Illinois College in Jacksonville. She is fully committed to playing basketball for the Lady Blues. “I’ve loved basketball ever since I was a little girl. I want to continue playing for as long as possible, so I think IC will be able to help me progress as a player and a teammate,” Hughes commented. 

Hughes also mentioned that she wants to be a teacher and girls basketball coach when she graduates from college. “Between JH, HS, and college I will hopefully have had a bunch of different coaching experiences that will help me decide how I want to coach when I have the opportunity to.” 

She decided Illinois College would be a good fit for her because it will be a good distance from home without making her homesick. “I think I’ll like it because I’ll be away from home, but I’ll still be close to friends and family,” she explained.

Hughes stated that she would not be where she is now without the unconditional support from her mom, grandparents, and younger brother. “I think the reason I love the game so much is because of my family. I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am now without them. I am really grateful for that.” 

Another student from FHS possibly wanting to play sports after high school is sophomore Thad Bergschneider. Thad explained that he would consider playing sports in college to continue his athletic career. “I want to go to a smaller, possibly Christian college when I graduate high school. Normally, those smaller schools don’t have a cross country team, but I would like to play baseball for fun in college.” 

Bergschneider explained that he loves to compete in sports and doesn’t want to have to immediately give them up when he graduates high school. “I think even if I played in a league for basketball or baseball after high school, it would still help me continue to stay in shape and have fun and be a part of a team.” 

As a child, Thad loved watching Cardinal Major League Baseball which helped him have a love for baseball and all sports in general. “Having that as a kid really helped shape my athletic career and I am thankful for that. I love sports and hope to continue them after high school.”

Athletics play a big role in many high school students’ lives. Continuing them on into college and onward helps students keep a lifelong love for the game that will stick with them forever.