Binge watching

During the pandemic

Taylor Knifley , Staff Writer

This past year has been, what some might say, crazy. People had to adjust to a major lifestyle change during the pandemic. A change that affected businesses, schools, hospitals, and basically everything. In March of 2020 the state got put on lockdown due to the coronavirus. There weren’t many businesses that people could still go into. Essential shopping centers, such as Walmart, were still open but had different hours and restrictions. Families, as a result, were encouraged to stay home with not much to do.

TV became the most entertainment some people had, so binge watching shows became an occurring activity. Streaming services, such as Netflix and Hulu, make it easier for people to find entertainment. These services have shows that can be watched over and over again and the option to watch your favorite show whenever and wherever you want.

Some FHS students have shared either what shows they watched during the lockdown or what they did to stay entertained. If students weren’t watching TV, they found some other ways to pass the time. Kyle Jennings, a senior, shared that he not only watched TV series but also played Minecraft with his friends online. “I mostly watched Mandolorian, American Dad, and Bob’s Burgers during the lockdown. I usually am watching comedy shows or I switch it up if I find something interesting. If I wasn’t watching my shows I was playing Minecraft with my friends, we’d play all day building up multiple little settlements and having fun. It was a great way to pass the time during quarantine and distract us from what was going on in the world,” Jennings stated.

Jennings, along with the other students, used streaming services to enjoy his shows. Out of the students that shared their shows, Netflix and Hulu were the two most popular streaming services. Netflix and Hulu have been around for a while now and their popularity just keeps growing. Eva Smith, a sophomore, is another student that uses the streaming services and tends to binge watch shows. “I binge watched All American and it was a good show to binge,” Smith shared.

As for Jennings, he needs a show that catches his eye and keeps him interested. “I only binge watch shows that have a continuing story that needs details from previous episodes to understand what’s going on in the next episode. I like to not binge watching so I don’t get burnt out on a certain show,” Jennings explained. Not all students like to binge watch shows, some don’t even watch TV at all. Smith, however, shared that she actually enjoys binge watching TV. “I have been watching All American and Chicago Fire recently. If I binge watch a show I have to like it a lot,” Smith stated.

To binge watch shows you have to have some free time, and the lockdown a few months ago was perfect for it. “I love to have free time. I can do anything I want or need. I mostly watch my shows or lay down and sleep,” Smith shared. Free time is usually what most people beg for but others have so much of it they don’t know what to do. “If I have free time and I have nothing else to do then why not watch TV? You aren’t doing anything else so find something that interests you,” Jennings offered.