Working toward bright futures

Bethany Bergschneider, Editor

FHS students have busy lives. Beyond school, they make time for extracurriculars, sports, fundraising, friends, and fun. Many students have also found space in their tight schedules for a variety of part-time jobs. 

Some of those students work traditional teenage jobs, like retail and fast food. Many also work for Hamilton’s or at the Green Wall like countless FHS students before them. However, some students have found themselves in unique positions.

Taylor Knifley works at Treasures for Tails in Springfield, and her job has a plus for both her and a furry friend: “ I get to bring my dog, so that’s a plus. I take him there and he just chills in the shop all day. Everyone there likes him and he loves it.” 

Bryce Rickert also has an uncommon job. He works at the Jacksonville Airport, and he says that his time there has made him consider some kind of career in aviation. “It has altered (my career goals) a little bit. I’ve actually looked into getting into aviation, maybe as a major.” Some options he’s considered in the field include an air traffic controller or a commercial pilot. 

Codey Smith is another student with a unique job, and this has also helped him to establish a career plan. He works at a local Sloan Implement, and his job involves lots of repairing farm machinery. He plans to pursue a training program for tractor mechanics after high school and continue in his position there. 

Taylor’s job hasn’t sparked an epiphany regarding her future plans, but she still feels that it has helped her consider her options. I’ve always loved working with animals and I’ve thought about working with them as a career, so the job definitely helped me with that and made me aware of more jobs out there than just a veterinarian.”

Bryce, Codey, and Taylor enjoy their current positions and wish that they’d begun in them earlier. However, Bryce was quick to admit that there are unsavory aspects of every job, especially his previous retail position. “The Christmas music literally drove me off the wall,” he explained. Taylor Knifley agreed that her current job is an improvement over an earlier retail one. “[At my other job] there were so many people there at once and it was chaos. The shop [where I currently work] is nothing like that.”

Because these students are all seniors, they have plenty of job experience to draw from when giving advice. Bryce said he would advise younger high school students who are just starting jobs to pursue unconventional options. “Find a smaller business, because you get more one-on-one time and I think you learn more.”