Out with the old, in with the older

Kyle Jennings , Staff Writer

Since the adoption of the constitution, every four years on the first Tuesday of November the citizens of the United States elect the president. This election has been one of the most heavily publicized elections in modern history.

While normally the nation would know who won the election early Wednesday morning, the major surge in mail-in ballots meant that this process could take a lot longer. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, citizens are exercising their right to vote in other forms, such as mail-in voting and early absentee ballots. President Donald Trump is facing off with President-elect Joe Biden, and this election is not like any other we have ever seen.

As the dust settles from this heated and divided election campaign, the United States now has called a new President-elect Joe Biden. Biden was able to secure his win through swing states such as Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. For the first time since 1992 with President Clinton, Georgia also turned blue (“Real Time Live Presidential Election Results”).

A large number of mail-in ballots has been the focus of a controversy surrounding on the legitimacy of these ballots. President Trump has denied defeat as he plans on bringing a lawsuit to the supreme court. He claims that fraudulent votes have been counted in states such as Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia, and Michigan, which are key states that caused Joe Biden to win the election (Abramson & Abrams). Trump and many of his allies want the states to recount the ballots. President Trump has said that he will not concede to Joe Biden and will fight the outcome of this election as long as he can. We are used to seeing a peaceful transition of power, but this year we might not have that with the current president and his supporters not accepting the results and plans to hold on as long as he can.

As Americans, we need to come together in times of deep divides like we are in now. As citizens, we should still show support for our new president-elect and vice president-elect and hope that they will be able to guide the nation out of these dark times. 


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