How club sports are beneficial to high school athletes

Ella Prince, Staff Writer

Club sports are a substantial part of athletics. They offer an alternative opportunity for student-athletes to grow personally and to improve their skills as individuals and within a team. Having this opportunity provides an avenue for extra playing time and chances to have more time being hands-on within the sport. It is also a fun way to make new friends and be open to new coaching experiences. 

Club sports have become more competitive and athletes are encouraged to play as much as possible to improve their skills. With student athletes playing in multiple sports, many have to decide if club is the right decision for them personally. Student athletes also have to consider whether they want to continue sports after high school. With clubs being so competitive, it is a great way to show skills to a broader audience such as scouts, coaches, and schools. According to “Benefits of Joining a Club Team” by Allegeant, club involvement is a great  way to experience new coaching, new friendships, and new skills that will help athletes achieve their goals. It also holds the athlete accountable for being fit and healthy. “Since teams and clubs are group activities, knowing people are relying on you to be there can be a great push to keep yourself accountable for showing up and getting a workout in” (“Benefits of Joining a Club Team”).  It also helps broaden horizons, build relationships with different-area athletes, and teaches players how to develop skills for dealing with all different personalities.  

Some schools are not big enough to have tryouts or simply just do not want to host tryouts. However, tryouts are a great way to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Sally Parampottil explains that the club teaches people that to make a team it’s important to be competitive and work to the best of your ability. Parampottil also mentions how athletes join clubs for various reasons, but to better themselves individually and as a teammate are key factors for why they may decide to participate. “Athletes join clubs mainly because they allow more improvement in the sport itself… players can also develop their skills to reach their maximum potential” (Parampottil). Starting club at a young age is beneficial as well. Not only will it help athletes’ skills, it will also help them with commitment and consistency in their sport that they will use in the  future.

Club sports also have opportunities for leadership roles. The Bryant University Bulldogs explained, “Besides having a coach that directs and guides and improves your skills in that sport, the team members are responsible for the majority of issues and conflict that may arise for a variety of reasons… This gives students an opportunity to become part of a leadership group and share ideas while working with others who have the same goals in mind.” Being a leader is crucial for any team to work. The more players have leader-based mindsets, the better their team will succeed. 

Having opportunities to participate in sports is truly a blessing. Being able to better oneself through club and high school sports is extremely beneficial for student athletes in the long run. Club sports are an adequate way to build building character, physical and mental strength, and a sense of self on and off the court.


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