Remote learning

Taylor Knifley , Staff Writer

Remote learning—who would’ve thought that this would be a huge part of our high school learning experience? While we are trying to navigate health and safety in school, we have also found ourselves waking up 10 minutes before our Zoom class, ready to learn from our couches. Last spring, remote learning was first introduced and changed everyone’s lives.

Chloe Leonard, a junior, and Grant Marshall, a senior, both like to learn in person better than online, but online learning does have its advantages. When it comes to in-person learning, there are rules and regulations that make the experience different from years prior. Staff, along with students, are all wearing masks, students aren’t found hanging in the hallway, playing games in PE, sitting in the cafeteria for breakfast, or playing basketball at lunch. Even with all these changes, the staff and students make the best of what they actually can do.

With all the changes, in-person learning is still preferred to learning from home according to some students. “It’s easier to learn in person. Not only do we get to see our friends but we have that social connection while learning,” Leonard stated. Leonard, along with other students, enjoys the experience of in-person learning. Learning in person helps students comprehend and retain the information because being at home comes with its own distractions. “It’s usually harder to focus when doing online learning. I can easily get distracted by my phone or my pets,” Leonard shared.
Some students don’t have the best internet connection when it comes to video calls, so it can be harder to attend remote learning days. “It can be harder for me to log into class calls because my internet will take longer to load. When it takes a long time to load it can be laggy once I get on the call so it can be harder to listen,” Marshall stated.

In some ways, though, online learning has been better than in-person learning. “I am more awake during online learning because I get to sleep in on that day. We don’t have to get ready for the day because we’re at home. I also live 15 minutes away from school. So on a normal school day I have to make sure I’m up and ready 30 minutes before school starts,” Leonard shared. For students like Leonard, in-person learning means waking up early enough to get ready and make the 20 minute drive. Even for the younger students can benefit from this.

Even though only two students shared their opinion, every student matters. The school works every day to help students adjust to online learning and the major changes at the school. All students at FHS have been challenged by these changes. Sometimes it can be hard to keep interest in online learning and students have adjusted to make it easier for them. No matter if it is online or in person the students do their best to stay active in school and even though we can’t do the same activities as before, the teachers help us enjoy school.