It’s NOT about the journey: Madden Delaney on her travel experiences

It’s NOT about the journey: Madden Delaney on her travel experiences

Bethany Bergschneider, Editor

Senior Madden Delaney has had some unique travel experiences. She spent part of this summer in eastern Washington staying with her sister Killian, who had an internship. As would be expected, Madden said that COVID got in the way of many of their travel plans. For example, they couldn’t go to movie theaters or restaurants in Washington. “We spent a lot of time in Idaho because they had basically zero restrictions, and Washington was pretty strict… the numbers were dropping back then, and we hadn’t quite hit the second wave yet. We were probably going to do other stuff out there if COVID hadn’t interfered.”

Even in years without pandemics, Madden’s family has seen vacation disasters. “We have bought two cars on vacation. When we went to Colorado, our brakes failed in the mountains, and when we went to South Dakota, our old 4Runner, pulling the trailer, was getting really bad gas mileage, about 8 miles to a gallon. It was costing us an arm and a leg, so we bought a different car.”

Not all of Madden’s vacations have involved car trouble or plague. Her favorite vacation was the school trip to Scotland and Ireland in the summer of 2019. “I didn’t like the super long flights or the bus rides, but seeing another country was really cool. My favorite part was being in the Scottish Highlands and seeing the valley of Glen Coe. It’s just really amazing scenery, and I liked the weather.”

Although Madden enjoys traveling, she has some issues with a common adventure quote. “Everyone is always like, ‘Oh, it’s the journey, not the destination.’ No, the journey sucks. Being in a car for seventeen hours, being on a plane for twelve hours, that’s not the fun part. It’s the destination. I can’t be the only one who feels that way.”

COVID restrictions may be limiting international travel for the time being, but when travel becomes available again, Madden has a bucket list she’s excited to start on. “I really want to go to Alaska, Maine, and Utah. For international travel, Switzerland, Germany, and probably Iceland would be my top picks, but I don’t see that happening any time soon.”