Holidays like no other

Kyle Jennings , Staff Writer

It’s that time again–turkeys are being carved, hams are being sliced, and this year Christmas decorations are coming out. Some families are getting together after not seeing each other for possibly months, but due to the COVID pandemic some families are staying home and are unable to see their loved ones. COVID has caused this year to be one of the most turbulent times in our generation’s history. How can people stay safe and still feel connected? 

Thanksgiving is a day all about acknowledging the many things we are thankful for. For Mollie Allen, it’s her favorite holiday. “I really like Thanksgiving. To me no one is stressing over gifts or the perfect Christmas tree. It’s just about being thankful for your family. My family and I get together to make food and talk for hours on Thanksgiving.” 

This year families have a lot to be thankful for, but it’s hard to get everyone together because of the ongoing pandemic and the massive second wave that has hit our area. Families are starting to call off their normal parties to try to keep their loved ones as safe as possible. Mollie’s family is one of them. “My family has made the decision to not celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday this year. I completely understand the reasoning, but when thinking about your family and holidays you sometimes can forget the bigger picture–the pandemic we are living through.” 

Other families are still holding out hope that Christmas will be able to return to normal. Christmas needs no introduction and is a favorite holiday for many. For Bryce Rickert, there isn’t even a competition. “There’s no feeling that compares to waking up on Christmas morning and opening presents, and all of the family comes home for Christmas and you see a lot of people you don’t usually see at Easter or Thanksgiving.”  Bryce’s family is trying to carry on things as normal.  “Not for us, my family is one that isn’t scared of COVID and we’re lucky and have only had two of our family members get it so we just let them quarantine then went back to seeing them.” Although families are all celebrating holidays differently, COVID is not stopping people from giving thanks for connecting with families.