Remote learning

Ashlynn Mahan, Staff Writer

During the pandemic, everyone has given a little bit of something up. For students at FHS, it’s not being able to attend school like we have been used to. Teachers and students are creating new opportunities in these difficult times, however, to get through remote learning. 

Students have their own way of coping with the new measures we are taking. Lainee Ford, a sophomore, explained, “I think being remote is harder for me to keep up with my school work because when we are in person we have more down time to work on homework for other classes.”

Other students have said they would rather be in person than remote so they can have the social environment. Alivia Clayton, a freshman, said, “We don’t get to see each other and we can’t talk on the remote calls. It doesn’t bother me much, except I know it affects others more.” Cody Spencer, a junior, doesn’t seem to be too disturbed by the lack of social interaction in school. “I still have a social atmosphere from Xbox and phone communications.” Clearly, being remote affects students and teachers in different ways. 

The teachers try to make the remote learning experience as easy as possible for students. Clayton comments, “Teachers seem to give a lot more chances but the work is a lot harder.” Teachers still have many opportunities and chances open to their students and want them to feel as if they are learning. However, students don’t always take advantage of the chances they are given and don’t put forth the effort they should. “I do not think it is entirely their fault though (students not completing work). With us being remote, each student’s housing situation is different. This allows students a lot more freedom and opportunities to slack or do things that they otherwise couldn’t do at school,” Mr. Nelson explained.

Teachers have just as many difficulties as students do with this change. They can’t always see what their students are doing or have full trust in them when students are online. “It is hard to monitor students remotely, and when they are in person it is much easier to eliminate all distractions,” Mr. Nelson said. Students should be working towards getting their grades up and learning for their future careers and lives, so it’s up to the students to take responsibility. “I probably could be doing better. It is way easier to get distracted when we are at home,” Ford admitted.

Together students and staff are working to reach the bigger goal of being fully in person in the future. Right now, the district is following all precautions carefully as possible to get back into the swing of things. With all the new adjustments and precautions set in place, FHS is still working together to create a better future and to get the job done.