A socially distanced Christmas

How FHS students are coping with this unique holiday season

Bethany Bergschneider, Editor

This year’s COVID-19 restrictions mean that Christmas just may not feel the same. However, FHS students are doing their best to celebrate safely and enjoy what they do have this holiday season. 

Many students emphasized the loss of family events as one of the hardest parts of this situation. “It actually feels kind of strange because Thanksgiving wasn’t a huge family thing like it usually is so, I think Christmas will be odd too,” explained junior Aiva Lowe. Freshman Alivia Clayton agreed, saying that seeing family is her favorite part of the holidays and that this year will be sad if that’s not possible.

Junior Emmy Treece and sophomore Eva Smith are both trying to be grateful for the family they do have this Christmas. Emmy’s immediate family is using this year, when they may not be able to see other relatives, as an opportunity to spend time together, enjoying new and old traditions.

“We are staying home and hoping to start a few new traditions with just our family. We plan on making our own Christmas dinner and having some games to play and crafts to do. We plan on having a gingerbread contest and my dad always makes homemade bread so that’ll be fun. My mom also plans on making a small dinner for us to have Christmas Eve,” Emmy says. 

For some, the Christmas season has been a much-awaited relief. For others, it feels harder to get into the Christmas spirit this year. Aiva offered some positivity for those who are struggling to cope with the changes to holiday celebrations that this year has brought. “Don’t worry, there will be holidays next year too. It’ll be okay. Just decorate like normal and put on your Mariah Carey!”