Should Philly stop trusting the process

Eagles Edition

Callie Hughes, Staff Writer

With Carson Wentz in a slump–a major one–the Philadelphia Eagles are going to have to try something new at their quarterback spot. Recently drafted Jalen Hurts is the man for that job. While in college at Oklahoma, Hurts was the runner-up for the Heisman trophy and threw for 52 touchdowns on the season (McManus, 2020). Hurts was drafted by the Eagles in the second round at pick 53. This was a surprise to many because Wentz had just been given a 4-year extension. 

Wentz’s production this season has gone down dramatically compared to other seasons. In 2018, the Eagles won the championship with Nick Foles at the QB spot. This was due to Wentz going out with an ACL injury earlier in the playoffs. With Wentz’s production dipping, the Eagles coaching staff really does not know what to do. Local Eagles fan, Zachary Trout, knows what he would do if he were the General Manager though. “Package them [Wentz and Hurts] both for the Jets draft pick.”

Bryce Rickert thinks a lot of the Eagles’ problems can be attributed to their offensive line. “The Eagles’ offensive line has been a weak point, allowing 50 sacks this season. They are also missing a lot of key pieces which include franchise defensive tackle Fletcher Cox along with shutdown corner Darius Slay.” There are many solutions to this problem, but Bryce thinks they should “…acquire a better linebacker in free agency such as Lavonte David that could get Philly a shutdown defense.” There is one thing that both Bryce and Zach agree on. If Philly isn’t sold on Hurts or doesn’t repair the offensive line, they should go for a total rebuild. 

Jalen Hurts made his first starting quarterback debut on December 13. 



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