Megan Wilson explores the helping world


Zoe Graves, Staff Writer

Megan Wilson is a junior and, like many juniors, is trying to find what she wants to do for her future. She has been taking the CNA class offered at Capital Area Career Center (CACC). CNA is an acronym for certified nursing assistant and the job consists of assisting the nurses with tasks such as giving the patients baths, feeding them, and taking their vitals.

“I got interested because when I go on fire calls with my dad and there’s been an accident I like the rush of helping those people,” Wilson explained. She has always wanted to help people, and as a CNA she will be able to continue to help people in the future. Once a person gets a CNA license there are numerous job opportunities available. Wilson said she wants to work in the hospital, specifically the ER. She wants to be in a fast-paced work environment with the adrenaline rush of helping people of all ages. 

“I chose to take CNA classes because I wasn’t for sure in the beginning if I wanted to go into nursing and keep following that field so I am taking it to see if I like nursing,” Wilson said. She also mentioned that her favorite thing about her CNA class at CACC is the hands-on training, like the labs and clinicals that they have. The classes at CACC have always done their best to prepare students for working in a particular field. COVID-19 has changed how we live life, including how we go to school. Wilson mentioned that she feels like they are teaching the best that they can in this situation.

Overall, Wilson has loved to help people in need and she hopes to continue to help people throughout her life.  She knows anyone who needs nursing assistance is in a place that they need help and are in a vulnerable position, so she loves to be the one to help them. She feels like this job is a good fit for her future.