Senior sports

Saying farewell to high school

Taylor Knifley , Staff Writer

Each new school year brings in a new group of seniors, ready to meet their last year of their high school experience. Students who play sports their senior year more than likely have been playing for a while. The restrictions this year, especially compared to others, have made it hard for seniors to participate in their last year of sports. COVID-19 has caused restrictions to be put in place for and, even canceled, some sports. Most fall and winter sports have been pushed back to be played in the spring. When it comes to the restrictions put on sports, they can vary by school or state. With all of the new rules and sports being pushed back, the seniors at FHS are still making the best of it.

Seniors Grant Marshall and Lucas Schumacher play on the boys basketball team. Marshall and Schumacher have been playing basketball since elementary school. Marshall has participated in cross country and track over the years as well. Schumacher has also participated in cross country while he was in junior high, but he has concentrated on basketball in high school. Both Schumacher and Marshall have made many memories over the years playing basketball. They have been playing basketball with each other since middle school.

“My years of being an athlete were great because I was having fun and I’m going to miss that. Those years have been so good for me,” Marshall stated. The boys are still making memories to this day and hoping to make a year of new ones. They will continue their fourth year of varsity basketball together.

“Over my years at FHS I played varsity basketball for 3 years. It was so much fun getting to be a part of the team and basketball is one of the biggest sports at Franklin so it was so much fun to have the whole town behind you. I will miss the Waverly Holiday Tournament the most. There is no better feeling than getting to go out on the floor and play with the both towns there at one of the most historic places to play,” Schumacher commented.

Marshall shared that his favorite part of playing basketball was being on varsity as “a little freshmen that wore goggles.” Over the years both students have had favorite memories in both high school and junior high careers. “Placing at state for cross country and winning regionals in 7th grade for basketball are memories that I will never forget,” Marshall stated. Each athlete has their own favorite memories of playing in high school. Marshall and Schumacher will carry the memories they have made with them forever.

Callie Hughes is another senior who has spent many of her school years playing sports. Hughes has played basketball since 7th grade, participated in track since 6th grade, and played golf since her freshman year. With Hughes playing all these sports for so long, she has gained quite a bit of experience.

“Some of my favorite things about playing are all the people you get to meet and the connections you have. There’s also something special about the rivalries because it makes everything better,” Hughes shared. Hughes is another athlete that has represented FHS for years.

Hughes is going to continue her basketball career at Illinois College in Jacksonville. She also might continue her golf career at IC as well. Hughes also shared that is excited to get more experience of basketball at a college level and to learn new things.