Franklin students share musical interests

Aubrie Schumacher, Staff Writer

Many people listen to music daily in their life‒on their way to and from work, school, and even just for fun. Some people listen for motivation and positivity.

Because we are a small town in the country, many people listen to country music. However, Thad Bergschneider doesn’t follow those stereotypes. “I listen to a lot of Old Rock and Pop, ’60s-’90s. Along with that, I listen to some country, Christian, violin, and sometimes a bit of rap.” Bergschneider likes music without today’s technology involved. Music today contains lots of auto-tune and more of an electric sound. Bergschneider also stated that he does not take the time to watch any music award shows. 

Country Music Award shows have been showing a decrease in viewers over the past few years. “The Country Music Awards averaged 7.08 million which is down 37% from the 11.27 million who viewed last year” (Porter, 2020). Even though viewership is decreasing, students like Lainee Ford continue watching. Ford stated, “I usually listen to country music, and when it comes to awards I only like to watch the CMA’s.” Another music award show, The American Music Awards, has had a decrease in viewers as well. “The AMA’s saw a 40% decrease in average viewers, compared to last year’s 4% decrease” (Thorne, 2020). The Illinois state fair recently released their 2021 concert lineup, all of their big-name acts are famous country artists. The Morgan County Fair also has country artists singing in their annual concerts for 2021, highlighting that country music is popular around this area.

It’s a wonder why all the award shows are losing viewers. Some people state that it is mainly because of the hosts or the people being voted for an award. Other people think that it is just because they are not important and people have better things to do than watch an award show. 


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