Bright futures ahead

Ella Prince, Staff Writer

Contemplating what the future will look like can be rather intimidating. Each decision a person makes can affect the future and not all futures look the same. Some may want to go to college whereas others may not have college on their radar. Though it may be difficult to determine someone’s true calling, students at FHS appear to have bright futures with quite different pathways.

Mollie Allen is all set for her future career after high school. Her plan consists of going to LLCC to finish out some general education courses and then transfer to SIUC. Allen wants to major in sonography and minor in healthcare management. “I am super excited about learning how to be a sonographer. I want to be a sonographer after school, but more specifically I want to do echos and would love to work with children.” She also stated that she has wanted to do this for quite some time. “I’ve been pretty patient and set on fulfilling this career after high school. The job outlook is great and it also fits all the things I want as a job and to study in college.” She loves how hands-on it is and has hopes to keep good grades all throughout school. 

Madden Delaney also has big dreams. Madden plans on attending college at Southeast Missouri State University where she plans to get her bachelors and masters degrees. There, she will be majoring in historic preservation and afterwards transfer to a PhD program elsewhere. “I’ve always had a passion for history, and working in a museum or national historic site will give me a chance to work with history first-hand.” Madden’s end goal is to become a college professor because she enjoys getting to teach history to others. She also mentioned how she wants to travel and see new places after high school. Delaney stated that although the future can be intimidating, she feels prepared with the plan that she has in place for her future. 

Sometimes a traditional university is not always the path people decide to take. Zoe Graves has been accepted into the Hobart Welding school. Being a trade school, Zoe is excited that she can focus on the specifics of welding and will make new friendships. “I have wanted to weld for about 4 years now. Freshman year I did a week of welding. I fell in love with it and knew that this is all I want to do.” She mentions how she is thrilled for the opportunities that it will bring and is excited for the future. “I hope I can meet new people and try new things. Endless possibilities.” 

Kyle Jennings, unlike most other students, is in a unique, exciting position where he will be able to graduate a semester early from FHS. He has the qualifications to graduate early and head straight into the Air Force Academy where he will begin training. “My family had a deep military history and I wanted to be able to continue on that legacy and serve my country.” After completing his 4 years of active duty, he will either continue to enlist or go to college and get a degree in military history. He has always loved history and wants to continue to learn about it. He also stated that he is nervous about the future–especially in the military–but is really excited to learn new things. A personal goal he has is to achieve rank E-4 in the Air Force and to travel Europe and learn more about his family history.

The future can be scary, yet exciting. Having a plan that works best for you is the best way to look forward to it. Paths can always change and people have the potential to do whatever works best. We wish the best of luck to all of our seniors in their future endeavors.