Miranda Butler and her pursuit of arts

Blake Edward Henke, Staff Writer

Miranda Butler has always been one with the arts–in her own words, since thirteen. She’s been drawing, painting, and expressing her talents for as long as she can remember. One kind of art form she’s been taking interest in for the past few years is SFX (special effects) makeup. She practices these effects very often, and has no problem sharing the results with her friends, family, and social media platforms. 

She originally got into her creative side just by trying new things and getting help with art  from Mrs. Goodall in eighth grade. Ever since then, she’s been practicing and trying new techniques. Butler is pretty confident in her own abilities, but she knows there’s always room for practice and new things to try. 

Butler explained that her friends and family are supportive of her talents and hobbies. In fact, they sometimes even try to be creative with her. She can use them as test subjects of sorts to apply crazy special effects on and they might try drawing and painting with her. 

When it comes to school, Butler believes that certain classes can be beneficial for the arts. Whether they help you practice your skills, learn new techniques, try new styles, and work through different mediums. She always points out Mrs. Goodall’s class in particular for being memorable, while also helpful for her. In the future, Butler plans to still be involved in the arts. She plans to attend art school, specifically for a career in film.