Senior project presentations

Madden Delaney, Staff Writer

Senior projects are a long-standing tradition at Franklin High School. Beginning around October of senior year, seniors work to gather research, communicate with experts in the field of their topic, and write a paper. All of this hard work culminates in two days in February: the senior project presentations. This year, presentations will take place on February 10 and 11 in the elementary school gym.

The senior project has long been an opportunity for seniors to gain experience writing papers and speaking in front of a crowd. According to Ms. Whalen, high school English teacher, “Professional writing expertise, public speaking experience, and even time management methods are necessary skills in any career. I sincerely hope that they are able to apply the experiences they have learned throughout this project.”

While this project encompasses many aspects of a college-level research project, every student hopes to take away something a little different. For example, Zoe Graves, a senior, hopes to “step outside of her comfort zone” and become more comfortable speaking in front of a crowd, while Bethany Bergschneider wants “to get better at sharing what I’ve learned and my understanding with others.” 

Although the senior projects are a great opportunity to hone writing and public speaking skills, there are mixed feelings about the upcoming presentations. “I’m nervous,” said Graves, “but also a bit excited because I am going to be talking about something I have put a lot of time into.” Bergschneider shared similar sentiments, while Ms. Whalen was nothing but optimistic about the presentations. “I am excited to see the senior projects come together and to witness all of the hard work that students have put into these past few months! I am beyond confident that they will be able to rise to the challenge.” 

Nerves are running high among seniors preparing for their presentations. Ms. Whalen offered advice for students who are feeling overwhelmed or nervous. “The best way to tackle nerves is to remember that you are the expert in the room.” She also said that being nervous is perfectly normal. The goal is to harness the nerves to deliver a great presentation to the panel. 

The senior projects are the last big projects that seniors will participate in while in high school, and as the senior projects draw to a close, so too does senior year. While this has been an unusual year for seniors, the senior project has remained a steadfast hallmark of the Franklin senior class.