Fashion icons of Franklin High

Ella Prince, Staff Writer

Though style trends seem to change every year, there are some cool designs that always just seem to stick around. FHS has witnessed tons of fashion decades. From the early 1900s to 2021, the building has seen it all. Trends make their way back to be just as trendy as they were when they first made their appearance. Perms and mullets from the 80s as well as Vans and Chuck Taylor Converse from the ‘90s are examples of this reappearance. 

Eva Smith, a sophomore, likes to go with the fashion trends of the year. “My style is pretty trendy and meets the standards for high school girls. I go along with the trends pretty well, but I don’t go too overboard with it either. I still like to have my own taste in what I wear.” 

Smith loves to add jewelry to make her outfit ‘pop’ and give it some diversity. “I have rings and necklaces that I like to really top off my outfit with. They’re fun and I think they’re pretty.” Smith has an outfit that she still wears from when she was younger, though. “I love wearing athletic leggings, a crew-neck sweatshirt, with air force ones, and my favorite ring and necklace.”

Chloe Leonard, a junior, also loves fashion and explains how it is a good way to express yourself as an individual. “My style is a huge way I express myself. When I like what I’m wearing, I feel confident and I think everyone feels most like themselves when they’re confident.” 

Leonard gets cute clothes from thrift stores, as well. “I’m definitely on the cheaper side of fashion. When I found out how much cheaper and environmentally friendly thrifting is, it is really hard for me to spend more than $20 on any clothing. I don’t really have a role model for fashion. I just kind of wear whatever I think is cool or cute.” 

Leonard has always worn graphic tees and still continues to wear them. “When I was younger I would wear a lot of High School Musical and princess graphic t-shirts and I definitely wear those still.” 

When it comes down to it, fashion is supposed to be whatever you feel best and most confident in. Whether you are a trendsetter or just go with whatever, as long as you feel good and can express yourself you are participating in fashion.