Singing with Sydney

Zoe Graves, Staff Writer

Sydney Tapscott, a senior, is known for her singing talents. In fifth grade at the school’s winter formal dance she performed the song Flashlight by Jessie J for the students. During her freshman year, she sang an original song in her English class for a project, which was designed so the students would get to know more about each other. Tapscott grew up listening to her grandma sing, which helped her be more confident in her own singing. Her family has helped her enjoy and become more confident in her singing and dancing. Amazingly, she never had a professional teach her how to sing–her talent is all natural. 

She enjoys singing all types of music, but because her voice is a soprano she focuses on mostly older or classical music. “I enjoy music so much because it puts me in a better mood,” Tapscott explained. She went on to further explain that singing helps her to feel right in the moment. Her favorite part, though, is just letting go and feeling the music. Singing can release the feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine, and she says that this always puts her in a better mood.  

Sydney mentioned that she tried out for American Idol in 2020, and the judges gave her some advice on how to improve and was told to come back the next year; however,  because of the pandemic she did not go. “Completely honest sometimes I feel like a great singer but other days I don’t feel that good about it, but I always try to push myself to get better.” Tapscott mentioned that she does not want to make a career out of her music; instead, she wants it to be her hobby and to perform at different cafes.