Student publications at FHS

Taylor Knifley , Staff Writer

At FHS, yearbook class has been an option for a long time. However, for the past four years journalism has been added to the class, helping students build on their writing skills. Nearly every week the students start the process of writing, interviewing, and researching for articles to be posted within 2 weeks.

Some students have not been writing for the paper as long as others, but there is still a change in their writing from the beginning of the year to now. Every year the class gets a new group of students ready to put together the yearbook and learn about journalism. This year Aubrie Schumacher is a new student pub member. “This is my first year being in the yearbook and I took the class because I wanted to see how fun the class really is because former yearbook staff told me to try it out,” Schumacher stated.

Callie Hughes, a senior, is currently in her fourth year of the class. Because Hughes has been in the class before she has learned a lot. “I’ve learned a lot of details on Photoshop and have gotten better with time management,” Hughes stated. Hughes was in the first class that took on journalism. “I love to work on my pages but I have grown to love writing articles. I prefer to write sports articles, either covering school sports or professional sports,” Hughes shared.

When students are a part of the yearbook staff they have many responsibilities to make sure the book is perfect. Schumacher’s responsibilities, for example, include taking photos, finding page templates, and creating page ideas. Finding page templates are the start of the whole book, helping to bring the pictures, captions, and design together. Creativity also comes a long way when it comes to working on the yearbook. Ella Prince, a sophomore, has been in the class for two years and she loves the creative work. “Yearbook tasks are so much fun! Being able to design elements for pages and capture photos is amazing,” Prince stated.

Schumacher isn’t the only one with responsibilities. Hughes also has some different responsibilities because she is an editor. “I have to make sure my mentees, Ella and Aubrie, don’t have any questions and are on the right track with their pages. I am also the photo editor so I have to check the photos to make sure they are ready to be in the yearbook,” Hughes shared.

This year has been much different compared to most. Events and sports have been canceled multiple times due to COVID-19. The most important part, capturing the photos, has become difficult. “A struggle that we have had to deal with is the fact that we have to stay socially distanced and wear masks in school. The pictures we take have to have the students wearing masks. We also have not had many sports played other than golf and cross country. Other sports are supposed to be played later in the year but it’s hard to get pictures if they don’t happen,” Schumacher shared.

Over the years each student has made their own memories being a part of the yearbook staff. “We went soliciting our sophomore year. It was so fun. Bethany spilt her root beer float in Abigale’s car and I laughed for hours,” Hughes shared. With each new group of students new memories are made. “Capturing photos of the staff coming together as one is my favorite part. We always have the best time working together. All of our ideas coming together as one,” Prince shared. Because Schumacher hasn’t been in the class as long she hasn’t made as many memories as Hughes, but she still has made the experience her own. “I don’t really have a favorite memory, it’s hard to pick. I do love when we all come together to work because we always end up laughing,” Schumacher shared.