The Pogues are back for round 2

Aubrie Schumacher, Staff Writer

When quarantine started last spring, we were sent home and many resorted to bingeing Netflix shows. One of the most popular shows for Netflix last year was Outer Banks. Outer Banks is focused on teens who live in poverty and are trying to investigate the disappearance of one of their fathers. They discover that there are riches hiding somewhere and go on a journey to find them. 

John B., the main character, is looking for answers about his father and finds out there is treasure attached to his father’s disappearance. Bryce Rickert, who watches the show, shared, “My favorite character is John B. I feel we have some of the same characteristics when it comes to his character and how he acts. I love being on the edge of my seat about a show or movie and this show definitely does this for me.”

The show also happened to influence many people and took over all social media platforms in the summer of 2020. Bella Lucas had experience with trends influenced by the show. “From all the trends I saw over the summer, people were trying to be just like the characters. Everyone wanted to live the life they were.” Most social media platforms featured news feeds that were based on the show, consisting of memes, songs, and outfit styles people wore in the show. They called themselves Pogues, which meant that they were adventurous and they don’t care that they have little money. Rickert also stated that the show “took Netflix, Instagram, and Tiktok by storm and got extra attention because of everyone being mostly at home.”

Netflix made the announcement that season two of Outer Banks is said to premiere early to mid-2021. We can expect more action, and possibly the takeover of social media once again.