Work hard, play hard

Madden Delaney, Staff Writer

This year has undoubtedly been one of the most challenging for Franklin students. Between on and off remote learning and short class periods, students have stepped up to the plate and given education their best effort. As such, an idea was proposed to give the students—and teachers—a chance to reap the benefits of all of their hard work: Teacher Fun Day.

The premise of this idea is to have the teachers create a fun activity or demonstration to do with the students. Students will then have the opportunity to move from room to room based on what activities interest them the most. As of right now, it has not been decided whether there will be a time limit on the rooms, but there is a possibility that the normal bell schedule will be adhered to.

The teachers at Franklin have no shortage of creativity. Mrs. Black, school counselor intern and teacher, has decided to host trivia games that resemble Scholastic Bowl. Ms. Wisehart, the Spanish teacher, does not have anything planned for the fun day yet. “I have no idea what I’m going to do. In the staff meeting [about the Fun Day], I said, ‘I am the least fun person ever,’” Ms. Wisehart laughed. However, she still believes “that it will be good for the students, and it will be good to have something that is more like a community-building thing.”

Students are also looking forward to the Fun Day. “I’m excited to have a little bit of freedom during the day,” stated Mikah Ribble, a sophomore. Ribble does not know what the teachers are planning, but she hopes that there is an art room and a creative writing room. Aubrie Schumacher, also a sophomore, is hopeful that there will be competitive activities like Quizlet Live and Kahoot. “I’m excited to interact with other people for once,” joked Schumacher. The variety of activities will hopefully provide many rooms that cater to multitude of interests and hobbies.

Both Ribble and Schumacher would like the Fun Day to be a yearly event. Ribble thinks that this Fun Day could be a good replacement for field day until the pandemic ends. “We need a break from school every so often and something fun would help us,” said Schumacher. Schumacher believes that this is especially important now that we do not have field trips, snow days, homecoming, or assemblies. Mrs. Black agreed with Schumacher: “It would be nice if it became a yearly tradition. I know that we are doing it this year to replace the things that we can’t do in big groups.”

Overall, the Fun Day offers multiple benefits: it gives students a chance to take a break and have fun in a year where most school activities have been canceled; it gives teachers a chance to not only bond with their students over shared interests, but to also see a new side to their students; and finally, it serves as a well-deserved reward for the students and teachers that have worked so hard this year to make it a success.