Tom Brady’s 7th Superbowl Win

Aubrie Schumacher, Staff Writer

The 2021 Super Bowl was certainly one to remember, especially for Tom Brady fans. Brady managed to pull off his 7th Super Bowl win; however, he was with a new team this time, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

Brady decided to transfer over to the Buc’s after spending 20 seasons with the New England Patriots. Tampa Bay went 11-5 this season which put them second in their division. Brady’s new team definitely seems to be benefiting him–he is gaining more publicity, better pay, and better teammates and coaches. 

“I think it was right because it was his decision to do it, and he wanted something new,” Grant Marshall stated. Thaddeus Bergschneider said that he is impressed: “Brady runs a super-efficient offense, and gives a jolt of energy to the team.” 

“Tom Brady has won 7 Super Bowl’s and most NFL teams have won one or none. When talking about the Super Bowl, Tom Brady will be talked about too,” Marshall explained. The win was a huge accomplishment for Brady. “I think it solidified him as the greatest of all time as an NFL football player, and made him the second greatest team sports winner ever, only behind Michael Jordan,” Bergschneider expressed.

Brady has been playing for 20 years, which is a long time in his career, and he is commonly referred to as the greatest of all time. “I think he still has gas left in the tank and has enough to win more Super Bowls. He leads the team because Tampa Bay has a bunch of good players, and Tom Brady has so much experience that he helps to lead the team,” Marshall added. Brady is still undecided on when he will retire. “If he does keep playing, I think we all know he’s not leaving the Super Bowl scene. I expect him to be back, if not winning at least one more,” Bergschneider stated. 


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