Revisiting Taylor Swift

Bethany Bergschneider, Editor

The next few months will begin a throwback era for many Gen-Z members, including FHS students. Taylor Swift is re-recording and re-releasing her old albums. Swift’s first six albums were owned by Big Machine Records, the record company she signed with at age fifteen.

Since those albums were sold, they are now controlled by Scooter Braun, who has been embroiled in public controversy with Swift. This means that she currently has no control or ownership over her old songs, so she is re-recording them in order to personally own copies of the music. 

“Fearless,” which was originally released back in November of 2008, will be the first of her albums to have a second release. A re-recorded version of “Love Story” was released on February 11, and this rest of the album will follow on April 9, along with six songs that were cut from the “Fearless” album and have never been publicly released. 

Current FHS high school students are just the right age to recall Taylor Swift’s early days. Sophomore Eva Smith says that listening to the re-released version of “Love Story,” her favorite Taylor Swift song, brought back memories of when she and Swift were both much younger. 

Sophomore Ella Prince was a major Taylor Swift fan. “She (Swift) was my favorite singer, and so I would make my parents listen to her every time we got into the car on a CD.” Prince remembers watching Taylor Swift’s music videos on YouTube over and over again as a child. “I wanted to be Taylor Swift when I was little. I said I was going to be just like her.” 

Although Prince has not yet listened to the re-recorded “Love Story,” one of her favorite Taylor Swift songs, she’s looking forward to the memories it will bring back. “I was just a little girl with pigtails, in my car seat. Those are some of my first memories, listening to Taylor Swift. It does make me nostalgic.”

Prince’s favorite albums are the earlier ones, but she’s kept up with Taylor Swift through the years, following her on social media sites to hear announcements. While “You Belong with Me,” “Love Story,” and “Mean,” are some of her favorite Swift songs, she has also enjoyed more recent ones like “All Too Well” and “Champagne Problems.”

Callie Hughes, a senior, says that even today, old Taylor Swift music can boost her mood. “I listened to T Swift after we won our game last night. It’s just calming and it makes you release a lot of serotonin. I’m just excited for the rest of the remastered album because it’s going to slap. And, it’s warm out so you know my windows are going to be down and I’m going to be bumping T Swift.”


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