Senior projects

Ella Prince, Staff Writer

Every year at FHS, seniors give elaborate presentations called Senior Projects. This project is a big chunk of the seniors’ grade in English IV. This year, there was some uncertainty surrounding senior projects because of the projected snow and we were lucky to get the days in while we could. 

Bethany Bergschneider, a senior, chose maternal mortality for her topic. “I am interested in healthcare and medical science topics, so this was a good fit. Also, I had heard about this issue in the news, so I had a little bit of background knowledge.” Bergschneider was nervous to present to an audience at first, but she did not mind it in the moment because she felt like she was just teaching people information she had already learned. “I think my favorite part was getting to speak to my experts. I had two really intelligent and passionate researchers who were generous enough to speak to me and give me great information.” 

Another senior, Taylor Knifley, spoke about her project positively. The topic was about the dress code in schools and how it affects women differently all over. “This project helped me in so many ways. I got more experience of talking in front of people and putting together a large essay.” Knifley also stated that these projects were nerve-racking because she had to present to a large audience. “I don’t love public speaking when it’s something so formal. Even though I hated it, I got over it and did my best.” Her favorite part was learning more about dress codes and seeing her classmates present their projects as well.

Lastly, Madden Delaney shared her favorite memories from the project. “My senior project was the topic of revisionist history. It also focused on negationism, the influence of politics on history textbooks, and solutions to that problem.” She spoke about how satisfying it was to see all of her research done and present to an audience and the panel.

“It was so validating to finally see months of my hard work paying off, and I loved sharing information that I was passionate about with an audience.” Delaney also mentioned that there was a lot to gain from this experience and she was happy with the outcome. “I gained a lot from this project, including time management skills and the ability to write a paper in APA formatting. I also gained a lot of insight into the world of history by talking to my experts.” 

These overall high quality of these projects should leave the seniors feeling accomplished and proud. Many of the seniors worked hard and it did not go unnoticed.