Snow days & remote learning

Taylor Knifley , Staff Writer

Remote learning has become an important part of this school year. Students have adjusted, but there are parts of remote learning that are difficult for everyone. This year, for example, the students haven’t been able to experience actual snow days because they have been turned into remote learning days instead. Instead of traditionally having a day off to play in the snow, the students participate in remote learning from home.

As expected students have mixed feelings about remote learning days instead of snow days. Bianca Greenwood, a junior, shared what a remote learning day is like for her. “I log in usually at 8:05. I actually like remote learning days because I feel like everyone is more laid back. Classes can get difficult because we can not do certain things but everyone makes the best of it. Most teachers have different assignments we can do online compared to in-person,” Greenwood stated. “Doing remote learning makes us get out earlier for summer. Who would not want that.”

Every time we have a remote learning day is another learning experience for everyone, and as a result the teachers and students still have adjusting to do. Some students even prefer remote learning; however, not all students actually enjoy remote learning because it can be harder to concentrate at home.

Shayne White, a sophomore, is one of the students who would actually like to have an actual snow day. “When we have remote learning days I get distracted at my house. I like to take the day and go enjoy the snow. When I was little we would go outside and play for hours then finish with some hot chocolate,” White shared.

This week is Franklin’s last week of having Friday as a designated remote learning day. Starting March 8, Franklin students will be back in-person five days a week. Having remote learning days has the last day of school early in May with a set graduation date for seniors of May 21. The seniors are able to finish their schooling on May 7 and everyone else will wrap up on May 21.