A trip to remember

Madden Delaney, Staff Writer

For the past four years of high school, the class of 2021 has worked vigorously to fundraise money for prom and a senior trip. While the 2020 prom was unfortunately canceled, the senior class was still given the opportunity to plan a senior trip. The seniors have chosen to go to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, a town in the heart of the Smoky Mountains approximately 9.5  hours away. “We took a vote and everyone thought the activities in Gatlinburg would be a lot of fun,” stated Mrs. Willhite, senior class sponsor. 

While in Gatlinburg, the senior class has planned to partake in many activities, including an amusement park, ziplining, and white water rafting. “I’m definitely nervous for ziplining; being suspended by a rope from high up seems just a tad bit dangerous but it’ll be fun,” Kyle Jennings laughed. Callie Hughes, also a senior, shared similar sentiments, saying that heights are not fun for her. Mrs. Willhite, on the other hand, is a thrill seeker. “I love roller coasters, so I am really excited to go to Dollywood. Plus Ms. Whalen doesn’t really like roller coasters so I can’t wait to drag her on every single one of them.” 

Although Jennings and Hughes may not be looking forward to the ziplining, they are both excited to have one last hurrah with the senior class. Jennings, while contemplating what he looks forward to most, said, “Definitely hanging out with my classmates and celebrating the long four years of fundraising and having one last good time with everyone before we go our separate ways.” 

Another slightly unconventional event that seniors are looking forward to is the long drive to Tennessee, although there are some mixed feelings about it. Hughes believes that the drive can be made fun with good music, and Jennings thinks that the drive will be extremely long but with the right people could be fun.

Mrs. Willhite has even planned a surprise for the seniors in Tennessee. Although she could not say much without giving the surprise away, she feels certain that the seniors will love it. Mrs. Willhite has enjoyed her time as a class sponsor and offered this advice for other class sponsors that will be planning senior trips in the upcoming years: “You’re not going to make everyone happy. There’s going to be compromises, and that’s just life.” Although compromises have been made, the senior trip still promises to be an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.