The 2021 Grammy Awards

Aubrie Schumacher, Staff Writer

This year’s Grammy Awards show was definitely one to remember with all of the talent featured and the entertaining host. Top artists who performed included Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, and Cardi B.

Trevor Noah was this year’s host, and Zachary Trout thought that he did an amazing job. “He was very funny, exciting, and kept the show going at a good flow.” 

Taylor Swift performed three of her new songs‒“Cardigan,” “August,” and “Willow”‒with two of them being from her new album “Folklore.” Swift went 0-5 with the first few awards she was nominated for, but in the end she came out winning album of the year, one of the most thrilling awards of the night. 

Billie Eilish, another top female artist, won the record of the year award for “Everything I Wanted.” “I liked Billie’s performance best. She had good energy and I think she’s a really good performer,”  Ella Prince stated. This was Eilish’s second time winning this award, two consecutive years in a row. Last year she was named the youngest artist to receive this award at age 18. 

This year many women won awards. “There is an extremely large amount of talented women in the music industry,” Trout stated. Another top female artist, Beyonce, won four awards. She now has 28 award wins in her career, which is the new record for a female recording artist. “I think she is very talented and deserved the awards. She is a real queen and I really love her music!” Prince added. 

“Even with all the great performances, the awards show hit an all-time low for viewers this year, with 8.8 million down from the 18.7 million who watched the previous year,” (Battaglio). Some suspect that it could have been caused by the delay from its usual date due to Covid-19. The show still had many favorite clips from the night that were shared over all social media platforms. 

With it being early in the year we can still expect for many more albums to be released. We can also hope to get another great host for the Grammys in 2022. Hopefully, by this time next year, we can have a fairly normal Grammys with more exciting performances. 


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