Students advance to state in Poetry Out Loud


Ella Prince, Staff Writer

Students at FHS love being able to express themselves in a variety of ways–whether this be FFA, Science Club, Chess, Sports, or through the arts, like poetry. Poetry Out Loud has been a club for five years at FHS. This year, both of Franklin’s competitors won the regional competition and advanced to the state competition.

Thad Bergschneider, the runner-up at the regional competition, explained his overall experience competing in the state competition. “In the state competition, you recite three different poems for the judges to go over. My poems were ‘Beautiful Wreckage,’ ‘April Midnight,’ and ‘All This and More.’” Thad chose these poems because he felt like they suited his voice and “they spoke to me and they fit well with what I wanted to talk about at the time.”

Bergschneider’s favorite parts of the competition were being able to have this entire opportunity in the first place. “I’ve never competed at Regional or State competitions in Poetry before this, and it was an all-around amazing experience that I am grateful for having.” The competitions were virtual, but he mentioned that he still met new people and is looking forward to his ongoing Poetry Out Loud career. 

The regional champion, Madden Delaney, senior at FHS, spoke about her state competition experience. Delaney recited three different poems: “Propositions,” “No, I wasn’t meant to love and be loved,” and “Backdrop addresses cowboy.”

“These poems were the ones that really fit well with my personality and my voice,” Delaney noted. She has been in Poetry Out Loud for three years, and this year she placed first in the regional competition and third in state. 

“Making it to state was honestly such an amazing experience. Just being able to do this was super cool and I’m glad it went well in both competitions.” Madden also explained that poetry is subjective and can be interpreted differently depending on the judges and how they hear the poem. “Based on how the judges interpret the poem is a giant part of the competition. That’s why Mrs. Black really enforced us to stress certain lines of the poems so our voices matched well.” Madden mentioned that this was an amazing experience and she is grateful she got to end her poetry days on a happy note. 

Having these two participate in both regional and state competitions is something to be incredibly proud of. Both students performed really well in both competitions and FHS is looking forward to seeing what is yet to come from future competitors in Poetry Out Loud.