Are books losing their popularity?

Blake Henke, Staff Writer

Over the past two decades, movies, television shows, and video games have been gradually growing more and more into the mainstream. What about books, though?. Coming from someone who grew up with a mother that reads often, a few peers that do, but mostly friends that would never grab a novel over a television show, I never hear about the next big author or the newest literary hit. The potential decline in popularity of sitting down and reading a book could be for many different reasons, but what could those be?

The first possible reason is the ease of access to other media. It’s possible that with those multimedia platforms available, books have become a last resort. Television has been on the rise for decades, but with the introduction of streaming services and video games, books have definitely taken a hit in the long run (Bellissimo, 2012). It might also be due to time. It takes much more time and motivation to sit down and read an entire novel, than it does to just watch a movie that does all the work for you (Hoenig, 2011).