Movie theater madness

Cole Delaney, Staff Writer

One of the industries hit the most by the Coronavirus was the movie theater industry. The reason behind this hit is because of the health and safety restrictions, including the six foot social distance restrictions and limitations on eating because of masks. This caused a dip in ticket sales, which hurt the theaters

Because of the limitations put on theaters, many film studios have either begun putting their movies straight onto streaming services and Video on Demand at a higher price than that of a normal ticket or delaying their films to a later date so that they may be viewed in theaters. 

“I would prefer to see them [movie] in theater,” Isaac Carter explained. With the recent success of movies like Marvel’s “Shang Chi and Universal’s “Fast and the Furious 9,it seems that some people are ready to kick back and enjoy some popcorn at their local theater. 

On the other hand, fellow Franklin High School student, Mikah Ribble, said, “I prefer streaming services, because I get to stay home and I get to be with my family when I watch them, and you don’t have to pay a whole lot for food.” Clearly, some people may not be as eager to get back to theaters as others, but as things slowly return to normalcy, some movie goers have wondered if theaters will be able to make a comeback to the public consciousness or if they will fade from cultural relevance altogether for the convenience of streaming services easily accessible from the couch. Will there be a compromise, allowing both going to the theaters and streaming from home to live in harmony and letting movie makers hit the largest demographic possible?