A better place to grow

Ella Prince, Staff Writer

New structure, new smells, and, yes, new flowers! As we approach halfway through first quarter, students, teachers, and staff welcome a new greenhouse to FHS. Construction ended at the beginning of September, and FFA has already wrapped up its new annual Mum sale. Ag teacher and FFA advisor, Brent Nelson, planned this project and earned $57,000 through donations and fundraising. Together, Mr. Nelson and the school board raised the money needed to help make this come to life for our community. 

Mr. Nelson explained how we truly needed a new greenhouse. “For starters, our old greenhouse was small. When teaching classes with 20 plus kids, it was hard for all of them to be in there at once.” He also mentioned that it was a safety hazard because it was not up to date on fire codes, so it was not appropriate to hold students in there for classes, fundraisers, and other purposes. Now, there is more room for different crops to be grown in this greenhouse, opposed to the limited space available in the old one. “This year we started our Mum fundraiser, as well as petunias, impatiens, [and] geraniums, in the spring. We will also grow vegetables and hopefully fruit in the fall, winter, and spring, as well.” With this greenhouse having more room, it will give us more opportunities to grow different crops and have more fundraisers for our FFA program, and raise more money for future agriculture projects to come in our community. 

Bella Lucas, a student in Greenhouse, talked about how she and her fellow classmates have been preparing for the new greenhouse and the Mum sale this fall. “The first week of class we discussed what our preparation plan will look like for the new greenhouse and the Mum sale.” She also explained how they plan to maintain and clean the structure throughout the year and what sales Greenhouse classes and FFA will partake in this upcoming school year. “FFA and Greenhouse/Landscape Design classes will work together to host our big spring sale, also. Mr. Nelson talked about selling Poinsettias this year around Christmas time, too.” 

Our student body is excited to be a part of this new chapter in our agriculture successes and cannot wait to see what is next. Not only will this be used for agriculture purposes, but this will also be open for other clubs and organizations to use. To contact Mr. Nelson you can email him at [email protected] or call the school at (217) 675-2395.