When the Woolf(olk) howls


Cole Delaney, Staff Writer


Like many students who have started high school in the past two and a half years, South County sophomore Caleb Woolfolk has had an interesting experience with the constant changes in school. He started his high school career in the height of changes being made during COVID-19, and even now changes are still being made. Some adjustments took a bit longer to get used to than others. “It was weird going from backpacks to lockers this year, but I’m used to it now,” Woolfolk explained. Other changes made around the school Caleb has been quicker to adjust to and with good reason. “I like the new phone rule, because my locker doesn’t lock and I feel a lot safer with my phone in the classroom.” 

One place that Caleb feels right at home is under the hood of a car in his favorite class–Ag Mechanics. “I don’t get homework and it’s just fun. I like working on engines and stuff like that.” Though content with how things are going there is one thing that Caleb can’t wait to do again. “I’m ready to go on field trips again. I really liked doing field trips.”

Another place that Caleb has always felt comfortable is the offensive line of a football field. “Not much has changed with football, so that kinda makes me like it even more.” Caleb is a lineman for the Franklin-New Berlin co-op team and has played football since before he started high school. “Football is really fun, especially if you’re a lineman, because you get to hit people,” Caleb described. As the football season comes to a close Caleb is more than optimistic about the last game he and the team have to play. “I’ve got one of those feelings, you know. I know we’re gonna win.”