If you can’t make music, then make noise!

Aubrie Schumacher, Staff Writer

Over the past couple of years, many concerts have been canceled or rescheduled due to the coronavirus. However, this summer we were able to get a small taste of normalcy. Many fairs and other events held outdoor concerts to allow people to enjoy their favorite musicians once again. 

A few weeks ago, Riley Green was welcomed to the Sangamon County Fairgrounds after the concert in June was canceled due to a storm. Many Franklin students attended the free Wednesday night concert. 

Kaylee Ford arrived late, but still had a great time. “This was a great way to end the season of warm weather. I attended this concert with my friends, along with my family. We made the best of enjoying live music and being outdoors together,” Ford explained. She enjoyed being a part of the crowds and having a fun time dancing in the lights. “The lights and the feeling of the music are my favorite part about concerts as sometimes the music is hard for me to hear and make out words to,” Ford said. “The first several concerts that I went to were very packed and full. I think that this is because everyone was excited to be able to gather again.” We can expect concert attendance to keep rising in the next few years.

Eva Smith went to the concert as well. “It was really fun! I went with some of my friends and we all had a great time,” Smith explained. A lot of crowds over the past summer have been excited to get back out after many quarantines and delays due to COVID-19. “It was a great crowd, and I am happy that the Sangamon County fair let us come. Riley Green was very thoughtful to come back and put on the performance for us.”

Over the past summer, we were able to get outside and get loud when it came to outdoor performances. “The ability to be able to watch the lights, and scream out to the lyrics is the best part of concerts,” Smith stated. We hope to see more and more concerts put on for us in the future.