Dribbling into the season

Cole Delaney, Staff Writer

Like many sports throughout the past few years, South County’s girls basketball team has been no stranger to change. One of the changes is the new addition of Coach Griffith, also known as “Coach G.” Junior Eva Smith laughed, “He’s really easy to talk to and he doesn’t make us run as much as our last coach.” 

When there is a change in leadership there is often a change in policies. Fellow junior Aubrie Schumacher explained, “We are now able to drive ourselves to practice. So I think most of us girls who can drive have signed that waiver so we don’t have to wait. We get out [of practice] at 6:00 and the soonest bus is 6:30, or else we would have to get out at 5:30 and we can’t really do that because then the rest of our class would have to practice without us.” 

Even with changes, the junior athletes are ready and optimistic for the season ahead of them. Smith stated, “We’re definitely making it past regionals this year.” Schumacher confirmed, expressing a bit more confidence in the team, “I’m very excited. We are looking forward to going pretty far this year. Because in middle school the same group of girls we have now went to state, so we’re hoping to go pretty far.” 

The first game was Monday the 15th and they kicked off the season with a 45-28 victory.