Convention adventures

Aubrie Schumacher, Staff Writer

In the past week, a group of students were in Indianapolis attending the 2021 National FFA Convention. Mr. Nelson usually attends the convention yearly; however, due to COVID-19 last year’s convention was all remote. This year everyone was super excited to be back in person and able to experience things we could not have virtually. 

The group made a stop at Fair Oaks Farm, which is a dairy cow and pig operation. Alaina Ford spoke about her experience there. “We got to witness a cow giving birth, and watch a short movie that had interactive chairs. It was all really fun.” Another student, Zach Trout, said, “It was neat to see such a large farm, and how they operate using different machinery.” The group also attended a Brett Young concert that same night. Ford stated, “We went to the concert early and were able to talk to people from New York, and even Alabama.”

Mr. Nelson enjoys taking kids every year, especially taking them around Indianapolis. Mr. Nelson stated, “We stayed at a bigger Airbnb this year in order to house all of us and our spring student teacher. Other than that, a lot of the places we go are the same each year. We go to Fair Oaks Farms, Session, Expo, Rodeo, Indy 500, and a concert! One thing we did differently that I really liked this year was grilling out one night together and having a ‘Family Dinner.’” 

The trip is only three days, but they managed to get a lot of experiences in a short amount of time. Nelson also said, “They are long days, but we stay positive and really try to soak in being a part of the biggest student-led organization in the nation. A thing I would love to change is to go longer. There is so much to do and learn.” 

The trip is exciting and packed with lots of learning experiences. In the future, it would be beneficial to extend the trip to allow for more chances to attend multiple sessions. There are many keynote speakers that Franklin misses out on. Most of the students in FFA look forward to applying and potentially attending the trip each year.