Loving memories made with family and friends

Ella Prince, Editor

Trevor Colwell, sophomore at FHS, explained that his favorite vacation was during this past summer when he traveled to Panama City Beach, Florida. “We spent eighteen hours a day on the beach, living life.” Colwell mentioned that his favorite part of this beach vacation was deep-sea fishing for six hours. “We did not end up catching anything, but the memories that stuck with me I am really grateful for.” This week-long vacation was spent with a big chunk of Colwell’s family, which he explained as the best part of his trip. 

Another sophomore student, Grace Perry, traveled this past summer to New Orleans, Louisiana, with her father. “We were in New Orleans for three days and then the rest of the trip we traveled to Alabama since it was close to Louisiana, but most of the trip was in New Orleans.” During her trip, Perry mentioned that she and her father went to many historical places. “One place we went to was this old pharmacy museum. It had cool things that would be present in a pharmacy during the 1800s.” Perry also mentioned that while exploring New Orleans, a tour guide showed them around an old cemetery where Mark Twain was buried and, supposedly, voodoo witches were as well. “Although I had lots of fun on this trip, I would love to go on a trip with my mom sometime, so I can make more fun memories with her just like I did with my dad.”

These vacations left lasting impressions on these students–being able to search this mysterious world and learn about it is one of the coolest parts of traveling.