Hoopin’ in the season


Eva Smith, Staff Writer

Girls basketball is coming to an end, and with it sadness and excitement is all happening at once. It has been an especially exciting season with fans packing the bleachers in the student section in addition to family members in the stands. COVID has made a big impact on the basketball season for the past two years. Last year it got cut short and this year there were hurdles to face with the new testing policy.

Oliva Crayne, a senior at FHS, is soaking up the last moments of her high school basketball season. She knows she will be sad when the time comes and she plays her last game. Crayne explained, “I am upset that the season is ending, but if I wasn’t playing college basketball then I would be more sad. I’m having fun with the season.” Crayne said she will definitely miss basketball and all the people she has been playing with over the years. From freshman year to senior year, Crayne said, “We are working hard in winning games, and with our new coach I think we have been winning more games than over the years.” 

Crayne elaborated on the impact of COVID, saying, “It has been very hard the past two years, with it cutting our season short last year and with a lot of people getting sick this year.” Crayne said she is interested in playing college girls basketball and she doesn’t want to be done playing the sport she loves. 

Crayne’s favorite play is fifty on offense. She likes playing offense more than defense because “defense you have to move a lot more than offense and I get to shoot on offense.” Crayne plays point guard, though it isn’t her favorite spot to play. “I would much rather play the guard because you’re open so much more and you can shoot more than the point guard does.” 

Aubrie Schumacher, junior at FHS, is dreading the end of the season. “I am kinda upset this season is coming to an end, and I’m going to be sad that I won’t see everyone on the team every day, but I am also glad because our season is doing very well.” Schumacher will miss seeing her New Berlin teammates every day. Schumacher said, “I am going to miss all the seniors. I will really miss Kaylee, my cousin, because I have been playing with her for a long time. It has been a different kind of season, for the junior players they have only had one real season.”

“With our new coach I am still adjusting to things but I like new things,” Schumacher explained. Crayne and Shumacher’s favorite way to prep before a game is listening to music. They think listening to music is good preparation for a game.